Physi0to18 provides specialist physiotherapy to children and young adults from birth to eighteen, in the secure environment of their own home, and at convenient times after work and at weekends. We are based in Solihull and cover the West Midlands.

Physi0to18 provides physiotherapy assessment and treatment for any problem relating to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments (and on some occasions, nerves).

A child's growing body goes through many changes and problems can be very different to those of an adult. It is important that assessment and treatment is provided by a paediatric physiotherapist with an in-depth knowledge of age related conditions, including birth trauma and sports injuries.

Feel at home... at home! Hospitals and clinical areas can be intimidating, leading to children acting differently or becoming upset which can make assessment and treatment more difficult. Conducting the sessions in your own home will make them more relaxed, enjoyable and effective.

Professional Memberships

Why choose Physi0to18?

  • To receive a timely review for your child.
  • To gain an expert opinion.
  • Opportunity for an assessment at home or in a place to fit in with your lives.
  • Book an assessment at a time convenient to your lives outside of school and working hours.
  • To gain a second opinion.
  • To prevent a recent problem becoming a chronic issue.
  • If you continue to be concerned for your child’s condition.
  • Feel at home... At home! The setting of hospital and clinical areas can be intimidating leading to children to act differently or become upset making assessment difficult. Conducting the sessions in a familiar environment can make them more productive.

Please feel free to explore the site and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to book a consultation.